Seminars on Olfaction

Wednesday 30 November 2022, Lyon, France

The consortium organized a program of seminars on olfaction with talks from different experts in the field. We welcomed a diverse audience of scientists, industrials, students and patients.

Amphithéâtre du Neurocampus
CRNL – CH Le Vinatier – Bâtiment 462 – Neurocampus, 95 Bd Pinel, 69500 Bron

Programme / Program:

Session 1: Functions of olfaction
13h00-13h30: Camille Ferdenzi (CRNL) – Social interaction: Human chemosensory communication
13h30-14h00: Marylou Mantel (University of Lyon) – Odor hedonics: universality and diversity 
14h00-14h30: Denis Pierron (CNRS Toulouse) – Anthropology of olfaction

14h30-14h50: Break 

Session 2: Olfactory deficits and plasticity
14h50-15h20: Thomas Hummel (University of Dresden, Germany) – Olfactory deficits: prevalence, types, origins and duration
15h20-15h50: Susanne Menzel (University of Dresden, Germany) – Restoring olfaction: paradigms 
15h50-16h20: Nathalie Mandairon (CRNL) – Olfactory plasticity: mechanisms

16h20-16h40: Break 

Session 3: Short communications
16h40-16h50: Yiling Mai (University of Dresden, Germany) – Abnormal olfactory and visual sensation during irradiation therapy: a prospective study
16h50-17h00: Michal Pieniak (University of Dresden, Germany) – Impact of olfactory training on olfactory functions and olfactory event-related potentials in healthy adults
17h00-17h10: Coralie Mignot ((University of Dresden, Germany) – Case Study: Consequences of gaining olfactory function after life-long anosmia

Session 4: Technology of smells
17h10-17h40: Marina Carulli (Politecnico Di Milano, Italy) – Olfactory displays
17h40-18h10: Romain Dubreuil (Aryballe Technologies, Grenoble) – Artificial noses

18h10-18:30 Discussion and Conclusions

Non classé

Rose official announcement

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Today we announced that the European Innovation Council awarded 3 million euros to the Rose project to assist people with anosmia.