Interview Jan 2022 Moustafa Bensafi : « Quand on perd l’odorat, on perd le lien avec l’émotion » (in French)
Les confidences de l’odorat | Reportage CNRS 👩‍🔬 avec la participation de : Moustafa Bensafi (CNRS), Kenza Drareni (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1) et Marylou Mantel (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1) Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences de Lyon (CRNL – CNRS/ Inserm/ Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1) (in French)
Prof. Thomas Hummel, Smell and Taste Clinic Department of ORL Technische University Dresden, in Germany, explains the many causes that can case smell-loss, besides COVID-19, such as age-related, chronic rhinosinusitis disease, trauma to neurodegenerative disease or infections of the upper respiratory tract. (in English)
Smell disorders, aging and care. Prof. Dr Thomas Hummel 2017 (in English)

Interview in the Pop’Sciences Mag#10 of the Université de Lyon (in French) March 2022