Prof. Thomas Hummel at European Rhinology Society Webinar series 2023. Smell and Taste Disorders: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcomes. 20/04/2023
Moustafa Bensafi – Smell Talks Podcast by Nez: Brain, olfaction and perceptual diversity. 14/10/2022.
Les confidences de l’odorat | Reportage CNRS 👩‍🔬 avec la participation de : Moustafa Bensafi (CNRS), Kenza Drareni (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1) et Marylou Mantel (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1) Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences de Lyon (CRNL – CNRS/ Inserm/ Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1) (in French)
Prof. Thomas Hummel, Smell and Taste Clinic Department of ORL Technische University Dresden, in Germany, explains the many causes that can case smell-loss, besides COVID-19, such as age-related, chronic rhinosinusitis disease, trauma to neurodegenerative disease or infections of the upper respiratory tract. (in English)
Interview Jan 2022 Moustafa Bensafi : « Quand on perd l’odorat, on perd le lien avec l’émotion » (in French)
Smell disorders, aging and care. Prof. Dr Thomas Hummel 2017 (in English)
Moustafa Bensafi at Séminaire CNRS Entreprise. « Comprendre les mystères de l’olfaction : des enjeux scientifiques aux implications sociétales ». 09/02/2023.
Moustafa Bensafi and Camille Ferdenzi at Popscience Lyon. March 2022.